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our digital cultural heritage

Digital services for cultural
heritage, business, and
personal collections

  • Digital archiving
  • Digital preservation
  • Metadata
  • Batch processing
  • Experimental AI
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • e-commerce

Digital Preservation

Tailored digital archiving and preservation solutions for cultural heritage organizations

Web and Graphic Design

Creative web and graphic design services to make your business or organization accessible and enhance online presence

Online Collection Management

Efficient online collection management systems for easy access and organization

About us

Sirca is a digital curation consultancy in Northern Virginia, specializing in digital cultural heritage preservation and online access. We fill the gap between expensive one-product companies and smaller organizations with important collections but fewer resources to digitize and preserve them.

We will provide you with professional and objective guidance on the best way to proceed when your organization embarks on a digital journey. Sirca can assist you with all the complexities of digital archiving, preservation and access – tailored to your specific needs.

Sirca is experienced with traditional web and graphic design including e-commerce and print materials, which allows us to provide a comprehensive set of services that work alone or together.

Why Choose Sirca


We combine expert guidance with affordable, modular solutions that can be tailored to wherever you are in the digital curation process — whether you want to map out a plan for future projects or start a project beginning to end.


Our à la carte process and ability to choose from any of the tools available on the market mean that you are not stuck in a one-product-fits-all scenario. We can help you choose the processes and programs that work for your collection.


Our experienced team offers in-depth analysis and careful planning so you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve a result that utilizes the most current technology and best practices for museum quality digital collections.

Start Your Digital Journey

Contact us today to explore how Sirca’s services can help your organization achieve its digital goals.

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